Learn how ordinary people are making £10k+ (profit) a month selling stuff on Amazon...

50+ Success Stories with Our 3 Day Challenge

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What's in the Challenge?

You're gonna learn everything you need to know to find and sell profitable products on Amazon.

All sessions are recorded so you can watch them at any time.(we're nice like that).

Day 1

Intro to Amazon FBA & product research

We cover the FBA process from end to end and you'll learn the key product research fundamentals you need to know to easily and quickly find good product opportunities.

Day 2

Live product research & sourcing demo

On day 2 we'll do a live product research demo using Helium10 and then we'll show you exactly how to find and negotiate with suppliers in the US and China.

Day 3

How to brand & launch your products

Day 3 we'll cover all you need to know about branding, Amazon advertising and launching your products so that they make you profit for years to come.

You also get a tonne of free stuff.

An exclusive Helium10 discount

We've got the biggest discount you can find for Helium10 (the leading Amazon FBA product research software).

Access to our private mastermind group

You'll become part of our mastermind group where you can network with other sellers.

Our product evaluation & supplier negotiation templates

To help you easily find and evaluate products then speak to and negotiate the absolute best prices with suppliers.

Our profit margin & budget calculator

So you can work out your exact profit margin and exactly how much you'll need to launch any product on Amazon.


Who are we?

We're Tom, Alex & Janson. 3 normal lads from the UK who have been selling on Amazon for almost 5 years.

We've got 2 brands that do over $3,000,000 a year in revenue in the UK and the USA (we're experts in both markets).

We started Honest FBA because we were sick of the bull**** in the online guru space.

Our mission? To help people create financial freedom with Amazon FBA through honesty and transparency.

Learn Amazon FBA, from people you can trust.


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