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2:30pm - 11:00pm, 9th May 2024

The Steelyard - Cannon Street, London

Talks & a few surprises... 3:30pm - 8:30pm

Networking & afterparty 8:30pm - 11pm

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  • Sh*t Hot Speakers (Seriously, we’ve gone top tier)

  • Amazon Tactics Masterclasses

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  • A Chance to Meet a Load of Active FBA Sellers

  • Food & Drinks

  • A Bunch of Prize Giveaways Worth Thousands of $$

  • A Big Ol' Afterparty - 8:30pm onwards


So Who's Talking?

Talks (and a few other surprises) start at 3:30pm and will finish approx 8:30pm

Yoni Kozminski &

Eli Lipshatz

Founders of Escala & MultiplyMii

One word to describe these fellas: Prolific.

Theyʼve scaled and sold an FBA brand for 7 figures.

They've helped 100ʼs of Amazon brands, aggregators and agencies to implement top tier systems through Escala.

And have placed over 1000 roles of top Philippines based talent with MultiplyMii.

And they're the best looking Aussies in the game

Pro. Lif. Ic.

Joshua Meulendijks

Founder of Moonads & Seller

With almost a decade in the Amazon game, Joshua has been around the block and has experience in every facet of Amazon.

He started, scaled and sold a 7 figure brand, before jumping back in and scaling his current brands to 7 figures in no time.

Heʼs also the founder of, the best PPC agency in the space (we were proudly his first customer!), helping sellers launch and rapidly scale their brands.

And heʼs an ex professional poker player, which is just cool AF.

Michal Specian

Founder of Scaleport

Achieving an 8 figure exit with a core team of 4 people is ridiculous.

But Michalʼs a ridiculously talented guy and thatʼs exactly what he did alongside friend of Honest FBA Myles Dunphy (Nomad Millionaire for you FBA OGʼs.)

Heʼs spent over 1,000 hours building systems and teams to scale his business and now works with dozens of 7 and 8-figure Amazon sellers to streamline their ops and build out silky smooth systems with Scaleport.

Jim Mann

VP for Europe at GETIDA

Jim's been an operator, acquirer and auditor of Amazon businesses. So to say the man knows his onions is an understatement.

Having scaled a 7 figure brand himself, he's gone on to work with Thrasio.

He is currently a VP for Europe at GETIDA, a leading reimbursement platform for sellers to recoup cash Amazon have 'accidentally' swiped.

Damien Jordan

Entrepreneur & Content Creator

Damien Jordan aka DamienTalksMoney is the UK's leading online finance content creator.

His videos get millions of monthly views, he has over over 175k subscribers and is a hugely trusted voice in the personal finance space. The man makes topics like inflation, interest rates and ISAs genuinely interesting - he's basically magic.

He's also a top tier entrepreneur. He's turned a passion into a business - something we can all learn from.

Laura Robinson

Founder at Web and Flo

Laura's worked with a bunch of top DTC brands and now runs Web and Flo, helping brands kill it on Shopify

An expert in brand positioning, landing page creation and conversion optimisation - she's got a tonne of knowledge to share for brands moving from Amazon onto DTC


Co-Founder of HonestFBA

'Friends' with Noah Kagan and won't shut up about it.


Co-Founder of HonestFBA

Investment banker (w*nker) turned serial entrepreneur


Co-Founder of HonestFBA

Once described as the 'Mini Tony Robbins' (by himself)


What's the Schedule?

Talks (and a few other surprises) start at 3:30pm and will finish approx 8:30pm


Doors Open

14:30 - 15:15


15:15 - 15:30

Intro to the Day

15:30 - 16:00

How to Scale and Sell for 8 Figures

Michal Specian


16:00 - 16:30

The 2024 Launch Masterclass

Joshua Meulendijks


16:30 - 17:10

Coffee & Pastries Break

17:10 - 17:50

A Guide to Building Systems & Processes for Amazon Businesses Ready to Scale

Yoni Kozminski

Escala & Multiplymii

17:50 - 18:20

99 Problems But Conversions Ain't One (DTC)

Laura Robinson

Web and Flo

18:20 - 18:45

Food & Drinks Break

18:45 - 19:15

Amazon Badge Myths

Jim Mann


18:45 - 19:15

How to Create an Army of Followers

Damien Jordan

Damien Talks Money

19:45 - 21:45

2 Hour Open Bar

(Don't say we're not good to you)

20:00 - 20:45

Awards, Giveaways & A Few Surprises

20:00 - Late

Tunes on 'Avin it Large


The Steelyard,

Cannon Street

13-16 Allhallows Ln, London EC4R 3UE

2:30pm - 8:30pm, 9th May 2024

Afterparty 8:30pm Onwards

9a St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY, UK



Anything you need to know about the big day...

Will there be food and refreshments?

We'll have refreshments and some food throughout the day as well as some proper drinks in the evening.

What are the public transport options?

It's just by Cannon Street Station, easily accessible by train and tube (London Bridge & Liverpool Street). If you're flying into Gatwick, you can get a 50 minute train directly to London Bridge and then walk.

Is there a social included?

There'll be plenty of opportunity to meet other sellers between talks during the afternoon, as well as at the evening afterparty (8:30pm till late).

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The Steelyard, Cannon Street

2:30pm - 11pm, 9th May 2024

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