Learn Our Step By Step Process To Launching Your First Product On Amazon

In this session we'll run through:

  • How Amazon FBA works from A-Z

  • Why "Private Label" is the best Amazon FBA model

  • The tools we use to find profitable products to sell

  • Our step-by-step process you can follow to launch your first product on Amazon

Plus, we're giving away our personal profit, ROI and budget calculators completely free.

Who Are We?

We're Tom & Alex, two 7-figure Amazon FBA brand owners that actually sell on Amazon right now.

We're 2 normal lads from the UK, and in the past 2 years we've grown our Amazon FBA brand to 7 figures in revenue and 6 figures in annual net profit.

We got sick of online gurus lying and exaggerating about Amazon FBA, so we decided to create our own coaching community.

Together with our business partner Janson Smith (another 7 figure seller), we're passionate about teaching people the truth about what it takes to succeed on Amazon in 2024 and beyond.

George W

500K Club

After enrolling with HonestFBA, George soon found his 'star product' and was quick to place an order. Sales went through the roof, and he faced a great problem to have - running out of stock! George has since re-stocked many times and is comfortably making £800+ profit per day.


10K Club

Rosie started Amazon FBA because she didn't like the idea of a 9-5 job for the next 30 years. After launching her first product on Amazon, she achieved immediate success and hit the 10K mark within a month! She's now got the Amazon bug and has placed an order for her second product.


10K Club

In March 2022 Uzay started to look for a new business after selling her restaurant chain. She soon discovered Amazon FBA and started getting coaching from Janson, despite having no prior online experience. Within a few short months she launched her own product and hit 10K soon after.